A Brand New Beach

原文出处 A Brand New Beach

Key after key, letters clamor onto my screen In valiant effort to create that never before seen Braces and brackets, colons semi or not It's taking some time, patience and thought

A picture, painted by ten thousand letters Divinely presented with wonderful CSS headers And more, this picture will be able to do For its features will be far from few

Talk to another, quickly and fast Chat in groups, to make relationships last Co-authoring easier with dynamic group editing...? Assuming it all works, I'm still hoping and betting!

Wave after wave, this beach will come together I'll be darned if I have to say never The sun will rise, and so too a poet Where they'll certainly smile, I just know it!

This digital sea by which I float, a long voyage that awaits this boat One where I will design the pristine shore Bringing poet passengers, more and more