Job Description of a Field Engineer

A field engineer refers to a technician whose job is on the main site in the field. It is not an office-based job and instead, the field engineer is required to spend time on the site dealing with the problems that his clients face. Various names are used for this profession. Some refer to them as a field technician, while others prefer the term field service technicians.

If you are wondering about the field engineer description of work, you will find that he makes use of various theories including those that are scientific and mathematical in nature to deal with the problems that arise in his area of expertise. Sometimes, he is required to diagnose the problems in addition to solving them. He needs to have an understanding of the technicalities which would enable him to reach the root of the matter and then think of a solution accordingly. Hence, a field engineer would need to have the skills of both an engineer and a technician. If you want to know more about field engineer jobs, you will need to acquire detailed information about the field engineer job description.

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